Monday, April 18, 2011

A Tribute to Johnny RIvers

We left the confines of human civilization today and headed to my kind of country. A big fat woods with plenty of places to poop. We had a surprisingly difficult time getting here. Surprising to anyone who does not know how much I suffer his driving. At least he waited until right off the bat to have trouble. Most humans wait a good twenty minutes, not him, he likes to get right to it.

We head off from nice cozy Hilton Head and before I can say, “Got biscuits,” he is driving down this road that reminds me of the poor side of town – cause it was. Yeah, buildings that look like they had a better time falling over than they ever did standing up. I'm watching him out of the corner of my eye. He ain’t saying nuthin, but I can tell he knows he is lost. I mean lost? Ten minutes on the road and he is lost. This is not a good omen for our trip.

The road gets narrow, than it gets real narrow, branches hitting the side of my house. He won't admit he's lost and ask me, but then I see his eyes pop out. So I turn to look at what he is looking at and I have to laugh. There is a sign that says “End of Paved Road.”

He stops, looks at me, looks at the sign, looks at me. I'm trying not to laugh cause I could have told him it was the wrong road a long time ago. Finally I have to say to him, “So now what Magellan?” Well the words are barely out of my mouth and he just guns it. Oh my god, he is going on this dirt road.

I guess you have to look at it this way. Do you go in reverse for 10 miles or to you go forward and make it worse. He went for making it worse, but I have to admit it was the right choice. We finally came out on a highway. Highway, right. This highway is no wider than my driveway back home.

It turned out well, and we cruised for ever down roads like this for the rest of the way. Finally about 5 o'clock “Dinner anyone?”, he pulls into the forest where we are staying.

We drive through some really pretty woods and finally come to our spot. The path leading into our spot is narrow, big trees all around, the path goes down hill and for some reason he has to back into this place. Well, half an hour later he got in without taking down half the forest.

So while he worked on getting my house all hooked up to the stuff for water and electric, moving the side out, etc, etc, etc, I went exploring.
Hey this is a super place. There is no one near us at all, the campsite is really nice and the best part is there is a lake right next to us. I went swimming. Boy oh boy that felt good. So good I barked and know what? I could hear myself echo. So I barked some more cause I thought it was another pup who sounded just like me. I sang, I barked and the other echo kept repeating everything. I had a lot of fun and went back to see how he was doing. He had everything ready, so I said, “What are you making me for dinner?”

Hmm, I can do burritos.

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  1. Jack, you had quite a ride through those narrow roads. Your guy gets to the end of the paved road, and then...guns it into the dirt road?! But he found the highway, so guess he was pretty smart after all! Bet you got rewarded with extra dog biscuits for your patience. Nice views from your window, and good pictures of you at the campsite (finally out of the vehicle!). Does look like a super place, great spot for singing and barking. Now you and your guy can relax and enjoy yourselves!