Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm preparing my new home to head out across the prairies, the rivers, the mountains and the forests.  I should be ready in a week or two, but right now the weather is being like a cat, most uncooperative.  My home is a 37 foot bus and will take me to the Yukon, Alaska, Colorado and many more places.  I have as my goal to reach all the Canadian provinces and all the US states, probably take a poop in each too, just to see which is best for that.  I think Nunavut might be a little hard though and it looks like there is only one tiny itsy bitsy road into Labrador, but I'll figure something out.

Along the way I'll keep you posted of where I am, who I meet and who I bite.  My traveling companion is bringing a real nice camera to take lots of pictures of me getting into trouble which I'll share with you all.

We have a lot of work to do along the way, some on my house and some to make money for bones and treats, they really should be free since dogs are a privileged class.
Well I hope you follow us along, not too close cause I stop unexpectedly if I find something to sniff, but you know. Here is my first picture, me working hard inside building stuff.

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  1. Nice blog, Jack! My dogs and I are looking forward to following your adventures. Sounds exciting! We want to know all about what you see, who you meet, what you sniff and where you poop. Collect lots of bones on the way.

    Keep that traveling companion of yours in shape by getting him to play ball with you whenever there’s a good place to stop for awhile. We agree, dogs are a privileged class, 4 paws up on that one from Sir Barks a Lot and Missy!