Monday, May 16, 2011

Off through the woods we're ridin' along, makin' up yarns an' singin' a song

OMG, put away the puppy papers, Tom actually got us here without incident for once, well mostly. 50 feet before we got here a bridge was out and they said no vehicles larger than 10 feet wide. I think we are 9 feet 11 ½ inches. You want to see someone sweating, you could not drop a cat between us and the edge. Well you could but the cat wouldn't be happy.

The ranger lady here at Davy Crockett Park in Tennessee was nice too, even to Tom. But boy could she talk, yaba, yaba, yaba. We both sort of backed away slow and kept smiling, she might still be talking. We got a nice spot and Tom got us all set up while I explored. It is really pretty here, green, quiet and smells real good.

The next day, Tom and I took a walk, oh boy did we walk. I think we hit the five mile limit. We saw hickory trees, streams and lakes. I had a good time, I was checking out stuff and laying in the streams and sipping water. Tom brought me a bowl and a bottle of water, but we didn't need it. So much in the streams and clean. Tasted mighty good.

We saw wild turkeys in the woods,
I was going to get me some turkey breast, but Tom wouldn't let me. Its okay I guess, we didn't have any gravy with us.

deer, squirrels, a rabbit and the birds were singing.

All through the woods Tom is singing this crazy Davy Crockett song, it gets into your head so bad, I found myself singing it too. I didn't even know Betty Crockett was married.

Now the bad part is that night we got a storm. There was lightening and thunder and oh my. It was close. We turned out all the lights inside and just watched. It kept up until we both fell asleep to the sound of boom, boom, crash, boom.

The next day we met Paul and Shelly. They had two pug dogs, Rudy and Molly. Molly was annoying, but Rudy was okay. Paul told us RUDY IS BLIND! I figured that out Paul, anyone tell you you're deaf and we're not.

Anyway they are nice, you just have to repeat yourself a lot cause Paul can't hear nuthin. I guess after living with him for 90 years Shelly just gave up and talked loud too so she didn't have to repeat herself so much.

The rain kept up everyday until we left. It would rain in the morning, so we would sneak in a walk and it would rain on us. Guess there isn't much sneaking up on rain, we tried though.

One day I ran into some really really big dogs. I mean wow, they were so big. They seemed friendly enough but boy they didn't smell like any dog I ever met. They seemed kind of lazy too. Nobody feeds them, so they have taken to eating grass.  I couldn't understand their accent either

We leave here in the morning. Never did get to see this Davy Crockett. Some one said he was at the Alamo in Texas, but you never know what to believe, I mean they have Avis cars to rent here - why go all that way. Paul took us to the local Wal-Mart, it was sure better than walking 5 miles there. That would have been bad enough but I don't think Tom could handle carrying all my treats back 5 miles. So he drove us there as he had nothing better to do.

Tom wants to stop at the park restaurant in the morning for breakfast before we leave. He said they have a buffet breakfast with chocolate and pepper gravy he wants to try. I'll probably being writing next from the local hospital when he gets his stomach pumped.

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