Sunday, May 8, 2011

One Po-gator, two Po-gator, three Po-gator, Yikes

I arrived at a new spot to poop. They call it Kolomoki and it is where some humans lived a long long, long, well a real long time ago. I think they were the real native Americans, not the Indians. They lived here between 250 and 950 AD, which according to Tom is quite a long time before the Johnny come lately Indians like Sitting Bull, Lazy Dog and Running with Beers. They called them the Swift Creeks and the Weedens, I called them but they didn't answer guess you go deaf after so many years

From what Tom tells me they buried their dead in big mounds, like 56 feet tall and 325 feet by 250 feet at the bottom. Now even when I bury a good bone for later, I never put that much dirt on top of them. Guess they didn't want them getting up after they put dirt on them. Don't blame them, the world has enough zombies in it but Tom told me not to talk politics.

We are going to see them tomorrow and I sure hope they stay buried, I can do without those old nasty bones getting up thank you very much. We are parked right on the lake,, I can hop out of my house and scamper 30 feet and I'm in the water, I like to scamper, I even like the word, scamper. Tom says I'm getting a bath – why? Good thing he is too tired from driving or I'd be having one right now, maybe he will forget by tomorrow, he forgets lots these days..
There is really no one else here. We have the entire place all to ourselves. Imagine, 1300 acres and no one else. No leash – yippee. 

We met a preacher who was leaving as we got here. Thought he was going to minister to Tom. Asked him something about wanting salvation. Tom told him that I was his salvation, the preacher didn't want to know more so he left, that made us both happy. So guess what I found out? My beautiful lake has alligators in it. Yup, Tom turned pale when he heard that so now I'm not allowed in it. Boo, it would have been fun watching him wrestle with an alligator.

We walked to the mounds, what a long walk. Tom was out of breath by the time we left the campsite. I made him climb up the biggest mound and boy was it big. They could have berried a lot of bones under that one, but he said it was used for ceremonies and parties only. You could see a long way and see other mounds from there. No one knows where they got that much dirt from to build them. Sort of like when I got out of the water and Tom asked me where did you get all that dirt from in water, I told him just like the Indians, magic.

One mound where there were bones buried was not too far off from the big mound. Now to me a mound is a mound. I wanted to make it a little bit bigger by adding my own mound. Tom said I was not allowed, so I made a small mound right near it Maybe in a few years someone will find my mound and dig through it for bones – he-he.

Last night we built a campfire, he is getting better at them. One match Tom I call him and he doesn't use any gasoline or Nitro on it. Good thing too since we don't have no gasoline we have diesel and I think that wold smoke a lot after Tom would have to sucked some out with a hose.

Today which is our last day here I took him for a hike in the woods, away from those nasty gators. I taught him how to walk quiet like a puppy. We don't step on any branches so we make no noise. I surprised and flushed out a big old deer. Boy was he surprised to see me. At first I thought it was a big puppy. I was going to hop around with him but than he saw Tom and bounced away.

We are heading to some place called Florence Marina on Saturday. Did I ever tell you about the French Poodle I knew named Marina? We got up early and there was a lot of steam coming up from the lake. Least Tom said it was steam. I think it was gator farts cause it smelled pretty bad. Well that's all for now, I have to seranade someone to sleep.


  1. Wow sounds like you are having fun out and about in your RV. Isn't it a great life. Glad our human parents take us. I'm in Rapid City SD at Hart Ranch one of my favorite places--- they have a huge bark park where I can run but I usally end up sniffing everything.

  2. Very interesting, Jack! Love knowing the history behind the places you poop. Great pictures, too. Glad you stayed away from those gators…yiikes!! About leaving your “mound” by the ancient mounds…my Roscoe and Coco liked that…4 paws up!! (Btw, those ancient mound builders had the right idea, there are enough zombies already in the world…lol!) Jack, you are looking quite handsome, clearly being on the road with your guy agrees with you…and with Tom, too! Keep having fun and I look forward to more of your adventure stories.

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